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Welcome to Sanctuary

Come take a seat and sit for a spell within these library walls. Grab a cup of coffee, a cup of tea, a glass of wine and immerse yourself deep into the words filling the shelves. There is something there for everyone.

I hope you enjoy your visit and do come back often!! The site has a new look and the library is being put in order. I am working as quickly as I can, so please bear with me while I work on filling the shelves back up *smiles*

Open a book if you dare to lose yourself and prepare to be entertained.
You have been warned *smiles*

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TLBohr - Author

TL Bohr is an author of horror novels, short stories, and poetry (plus a few nursery rhymes to chill your bones).

A Little something about me:

I love everything horror, scary and dark, although, I do love fun, cute, mysterious, fantastical and magical as well. That is why I write in many different genres and age groups. Writing is great medicine for the soul and, in turn, so is reading!!

I am an animal lover and have 9 indoor cats, 1 German Shepard mix, 1 pit pull mix, and a few outdoor neighborhood cats that I help take care of *smiles* (drives my better half crazy sometimes!!)

Just like my reading and writing tastes, the things I love to watch range widely. I watch anything from cartoons to series dramas to horror to b-horror and so on. There are just way too many options of things to watch to list them all.

A few of my favorite authors are:
Stephen King, Anne Rice, Laurell K Hamilton, Jeffery Deaver, J.D. Robb, Brian Lumley, Maggie Shayne, R.L. Stein, Tolkein…. to name a few (I also enjoy comic books – marvels are my favorites – Love the X-Men and Stan Lee Rocks!!)

I don’t know what else to put right now but I’ll add more if and when I think of anything.



Morgue Tales: Body BagsBody bags lined the slabs along the walls of the room. She gazed at each one and shivered. They made her feel uneasy. What sight would be revealed when she unzipped them? Sighing, she walked to the first one. With shaky hands she unzipped it slowly, the smell nauseating. She placed the palm of her hand on, what was left, of his forehead. She let out a loud gasp as images slammed into her head….

With every body bag, a horrific tale is waiting to be told.

What awaits you inside the zippered blackness? What evil will draw you inside?

Crawl inside the zippered blackness and watch their stories unfold…. if you dare


Behind the EyesA soul is a hard thing to control….

The sun goes down and still you sleep. I grow restless, the night calls me. Reaching out, I grip you tightly. It is time to wake. You try to ignore me, silence me. You know what I want and try to deny me. We struggle for control but you are still in a sleep state and I gain the upper hand. You sink away sadly, knowing what is to come.

A horror short story. Contains graphic violence.

Deadly SinWhat you see when looking on the outside in is not what is there on the inside looking out. They have lived here since the creation of televisions; watching, waiting, keeping the planet clean. Humans have done well for years, not very many had to be brought to that special place. But the dawning of a new century has brought worthless bags of flesh to walk on this earth once again. Unacceptable. They shall rid this earth of the deadly sinners once again.

A horror/science fiction short story. Some violence and the use of graphic language.


Demon FuryProject DF is the first of its kind. A prototype for a new weapon of mass destruction. The new soldier. Meetings with the military have been going on for some time now. The public is screaming that people are dying, it’s cruel to send men to their death; and yet, they want to be protected. War is inevitable. Death is inevitable. So plans for a new soldier were born. A troop for each branch. Immune to the casualties of life. Project DF is the first, more experiments are held in holding cells. We let them out to test their skills. They are a little slow but with a bit of more modification on their DNA, that can be fixed. Casualties are just an unavoidable side effect.

A horror/science fiction short story.


MoriaMoria was born an angry child, so angry that she smacked the doctor back! The only friend she had was a little wooden doll named Mary. This angry child lived a brief, tempestuous life. One day the little trouble maker threw a tantrum so fierce that it pushed her over the edge and in to the afterlife.

Her anger was so strong that it had a life of its own. After Moria’s death, her anger and soul filled the tiny body of her only friend, Mary the doll. Mary sat perched on a shelf covered by an old blanket for several years, forgotten, until a new child resided in her old room.

A horror/paranormal short story


Razor's EdgeAn invitation to a fancy dinner party with the eccentric madam of the estate. What could better?

Strangers gather at the estate excited to have been invited to the dinner party. No one bothered to inquire why they were even invited. No one new anyone and, more importantly, no one new the madam.

It seems too good to be true. The dinner guests will soon learn that sometimes an invitation, no matter how extravagant, should be declined.

A horror short story.

ABIS was the main company, the beginning of the industry. Scrie Pentru Altul started with a small factory and built many extensions for each section of his original factory. He spread his company all over the globe, each department a separate entity and name. Altul was a genius and a hard ass.

Business was booming and there was never a need to worry about there being no business. Contracts are binding and nothing you say or due will ever break one. Not even love can break it.

If someone comes knocking on your door offering you a “too good to be true” contract, close the door immediately.

A horror short story.

A mother/son relationship helps to mold a boy into a man. What kind of man depends on the mother.

Rock a bye baby, this crying must stop,
You’ll make mommy angry, grab my cleaver and chop,
When the spine breaks, the body will fall,
Mommy will laugh, as your blood splatters the wall.

A horror short story


Nitemare TalesWARNING: These tales you are about to read are not for the faint of heart or easily offended and repulsed. These stories contain graphic violence and situations, sexual interactions and strong language. You have been warned.

The following collection of short stories will take you deep into a nightmarish world. Enter at your own risk.

Legend of Baggy Bones Case 1Baggy Bones was a legendary cat detective living in Petville. When there was a mystery to solve, he was your cat for the job. To date, there hasn’t been a mystery he hasn’t been able to solve. Rumors have it that he was once the cat of a famous detective in the world of man before falling through a portal and into the world of animals. He has never confirmed or denied these rumors.